Fenix Servicios Aduanales, S.C. is a mexican company that provides consulting services for foreign trade, legal support, logistics and custom brokerage.

Fenix Servicios Aduanales, S.C. is a civil society, and its principal objective since its establishment is to provide quickly and efficient solutions to its customers needs.

Fenix Servicios Aduanales, S.C. knows that the entrance into international trade requires a strongest commitment to be able facing new challenges, for that reason we have a structure that evolves according to the times of change existing today, offering a personalized service of analysis, monitoring and implementation of tis operations to provide a better service.

Therefore, in Fenix Servicios Aduanales, S.C. are sure that: 
"The diference is in the service"


Fenix Servicios Aduanales, S.C, mission is to provide a flexible, comprehensive and efficient service that enriches our customers operations, offering prompt solutions to their needs.

Main Objective:
Achieve the client to market their products and goods in the shortest time.


To become a leading broker, developing values within our team, allowing to generate the confidence and preference of our customers.


  • Responsibility and Duty
  • Honesty
  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Loyalty